Monday, July 9
9:00 Andro Mikelić
  Stationary flow of thermally expansible viscous fluids1
10:20 Maja Starčević:
  Asymptotic analysis of an isothermal gas flow through a long or thin pipe
10:40 Igor Pažanin:
  Non-isothermal fluid flow through a thin pipe with cooling
11:00 Claudia Timofte: 
  Homogenization of Diffusion Problems in Domains with Semipermeable Boundaries
11:20 Marko Vrdoljak:
  Necessary conditions for optimal design in hyperbolic problems
11:40 Nermina Mujaković:
  Non-homogeneous boundary value problem for one-dimensional compressible viscous micropolar fluid model: regularity of the solution
12:00 Arcady Ponosov:
  Singular perturbation analysis and gene regulatory networks
17:00 Luka Grubišić:
  On quasi-definite quadratic forms in a Hilbert space
17:20 Jeffrey Ovall:
  On Estimators for Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Approximations
17:40 COFFEE
18:00 Vjeran Hari:
  Adapting the Kogbetliantz Method to Shared Memory Machines
18:20 Zvonimir Bujanović:
  On the Failure of Rank Revealing QR Factorization Software
18:40 Lev Idels:
  Mathematical Models of Marine Protected Areas via Nonlinear Delay Differential Equations
Tuesday, July 10
9:00 Roland Glowinski:
  On a least-squares method for the numerical solution of a two-dimensional Pucci’s equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions
10:20 Bojan Crnković:
  Balanced semi-implicit upwind schems for open channel flow equations
10:40 Agnes Baran:
  A stable non-conforming finite element family for the Stokes problem
11:00 Luka Sopta:
  Numerical modelling of heated plume water mixing in Plomin bay
11:20 Nicholas K. Spencer
  Comparasion of Nesteorv-Nemirovskii interior-point and alternating projection optimisation for a certain convex linear matrix inequality problem
11:40 Mohamed Ouadjaout:
  Numerical analysis of an integro-differential equation with a convolution term
17:00 Annie Raoult:
  Lattice homogenization: application to myocardium and graphenes
17:50 COFFEE
18:20 Zdravko Virag:
  Modeling of aortic valve dynamics in a lumped parameter model of left ventricular-arterial coupling
18:40 Igor Velčić:
  Derivation of the model of nonlinear micropolar plate
19:00 Belkacem Kebli:
  Exact solution of a truncated elastic half-space
Wednesday, July 11
9:00 Mariarosaria Padula:
  On nonlinear stability of capillary fluid flows
10:20 Mervan Pašić:
  A new concept for oscillations of second-order linear differential equations
10:40 Nenad Antonić:
  A parabolic variant of H-measures
11:00 Krešimir Burazin:
  Estimates on weak solutions of semilinear hyperbolic systems
11:20 Luka Korkut:
  High concentration of the graph of weak solution for a class of nonlinear variational inequalities
11:40 Patrick Chenin:
  Interpolation and Smoothing for Metrics
12:00 Lou Kondic:
  Modeling evaporation of thin liquid films and drops
12:20 Ljubica Diković:
poster Related representations of differential calculus by use of Web technologies
18:00 Sightseeing of the island of Veliki Brijun
20:00 Dinner
Thursday, July 12
9:00 Sandor Baran:
  Prediction of macroeconomic quantities using stochastic models
9:20 Iva Franjić:
  General Closed 5-point Quadrature Formulae Of Euler Type
9:40 Slobodanka S. Mitrović:
  Stochastic modeling of the growth process
10:00 COFFEE
10:20 Ana Maria Acu:
  About Some Quadrature Formulas
10:40 Sanja Kovač:
  General Two-point Quadrature Formulae
11:00 Anita Matković:
  Power operator means of Mercer's type
11:20 Zrinka Franušić:
  A family of simultaneous Pellian equations in Gaussian integers
11:40 Ioan Golet:
  On almost periodic components of random signals
12:00 Ionut Golet:
  Forecast of export structure by using Markov chains
17:00 Emil Žagar:
  On the deviation of a parametric polynomial interpolant from its data polygon
17:20 Tina Bosner:
  Collocation by Singular Splines
17:40 COFFEE
18:20 Gašper Jaklić:
  Construction of Cubic Hermite $G^1$ Splines by Minimization
18:40 Vito Vitrih:
  Lattices on Simplices
19:00 Carmen Violeta Muraru:
  On the approximation properties of the bivariate tensor product
Friday, July 13